Valentine Heart Crafts for Preschoolers

Simple Valentine Heart Crafts For Preschoolers – Making Colourful Garlands  

Heart Shaped Garlands: Children enjoy cutting and pasting, and valentine heart crafts for preschoolers that combine both activities are making colourful garlands. With a little supervision and guidance, your preschooler will soon have the hearts ready to be strung up and hung.

What you will need:  White and coloured construction paper, string, scotch tape, little paper doilies, glitter, paint, paint brush, crayons, glue, working surface

Instructions: To prepare the construction paper, cut it into different size rectangles and squares. Draw half a heart on the side away from the fold, and guide the children to cut along the lines. Valentine heart crafts for kids like this one make it possible for the children to practice their motor skill by cutting along a line. Remember to keep an eye on them when they are using the scissors.

Once the hearts are cut out, the white ones can be painted or coloured in different colours and designs. The little paper doilies can also be painted. Once all the paint is dry, the smaller hearts can be glued to the larger hearts. The paper doilies also be glued to the hearts, and glitter sprinkled on them to add a creative effect to the kids crafts with valentine hearts.

After all the glue and paint is dry, draw out the string along the working surface. Place the decorated hearts along the string, tape them in place, and your simple valentine heart crafts for preschoolers are ready to hang. You can adjust the length so that the garland strings in one piece along a wall, or cut it into little strips that can hang from the curtain box.

Valentine Heart Crafts For Preschoolers –  Potato Stamp Cards

valentine-heart-crafts-for-kidsHome made heart stamps: If you are looking for valentine heart crafts for preschoolers that do not require too much supervision, this could be one. Once you have cut out the motif and given some direction, leave the children to indulge their creativity. The materials required for this activity are very basic.

What you will need: Potatoes, paint, glitter glue or paint, a sharp knife, paint brush, working surface, old newspapers, construction paper folded into cards, mini Styrofoam plates.

Instructions: Using the sharp knife, cut the potatoes with one slice to create a flat surface on which to cut out the motif and be able to apply a smooth layer of paint. Carve out the shape of a heart on the cut out part of the potato. For varied designs in this valentine heart crafts for kids activity, you can cut out different heart sizes or designs on a number of potatoes.

Cover the working surface with the old newspapers, and put a big drop of paint in each Syrofoam plate; one colour per plate. Direct the children to press the heart shaped potato motif in the paint, and ensure that the flat surface is completely covered. Next, firmly place it on the construction paper cards to produce the imprint.

Once the paint is dry, the children can write messages inside their cards, and the valentine heart crafts for preschoolers activity will be complete.

Simple Yet Creative Valentine Heart Crafts For Kids

Colourful valentine heart crafts for preschoolers not only keep them busy, the end product is pretty enough to hang in your house. Valentine hearts children’s crafts can also be done by older children and adults as a family activity.

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