Under The Sea Crafts For Kids


Easy to Make Under the Sea Crafts for Kids

Starfish Crafts: Ocean crafts for kids are a good way of introducing new creatures and new texture to your children and allow them to create a controlled mess at the same time, and these cute felt starfish crafts do exactly that! Here is how to proceed with these simple under the sea crafts.

What you will need: Orange felt (or other colours), black and orange sewing thread, 2 black seed beads, stuffing, pencil, pins, needles, scissors, and a starfish template

Instructions: The first step in making these under the sea crafts for children is to cut out starfish shapes from the orange felt using the starfish template. Cut out two shapes. You then sew the black seed beads on one of the starfish shapes to make the eyes of these ocean crafts for kids. Sew these using the black thread. The beads should be sewed flat to look like an O and use about three to four stitches. Alternatively you can also use some googly eyes and just glue them on.

To make the smile of these starfish crafts sew using double thickness of the black thread. Use running stitches to make the smile. Your under the sea crafts are now almost complete!

To complete your under the sea crafts for kids, place both pieces together. Use the orange thread to sew around the edges. Use whip stitches to do this. The points of these starfish crafts for kids can be a bit difficult to stuff. You will, therefore, have to sew and stuff one by one while sewing around the edges. Sew up the last gap of your sea crafts for kids and complete your stitching at the back. Finally your colourful felt starfish crafts are now ready to go!



Other Easy Under The Sea Crafts For Kids

Plasticine Turtle: This is another simple under the sea craft you can engage your kids in. It is a fun activity making these ocean crafts for kids and your children will definitely have fun in the process.

What you will need: To make these cute plasticine turtle crafts you will of course need plasticine or modeling clay. Get it in black, green, and brown colors.

Instructions: The first step in making these ocean crafts for children is to take some of the brown and green plasticine. Using the brown plasticine, create a shell shape to make the body of your ocean craft for children. Take the green plasticine and roll it on one side so as to make a cone shape and bend up one of the sides.

Take some more green plasticine, roll it and cut it into four equal sections and create four equal cylinders. Take another small piece of the green plasticine and roll it to make a cylinder. Roll out one end more compared to the other and cut off the excess plasticine to make the tail for your sea turtle craft. You now have all the pieces needed to make your plasticine craft, all you have to do now is just piece them together.

Take the brown shell shaped structure and placed it on top of the green cylinder legs. Add the head at the front and the tail at the end of the brown plasticine. Take a small amount of the black plasticine and make small ball shapes. Poke two holes and attach the black plasticine balls to make the eyes of the turtle. Take a blunt object and make any pattern you wish on the brown shell to complete your under the sea craft for kids!

These are just some of the many cute and simple under the sea crafts that you can make at home in a flash. Experiment with other sea creatures and have fun creating them!

Under The Sea Crafts For Kids
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