Snowman Crafts For Kids


 Simple And Fun Snowman Crafts For Kids

Snowman Paper Dolls: Snowman crafts for kids are a fun way to keep children occupied when they have been cooped up indoors during winter time. The basic materials needed to make these snowman decorations for kids are card paper, scissors and markers. With just those three materials, you can make pretty snowman paper dolls. However, if you can get other embellishments, you can make stunning snowman paper dolls.

What you will need: Card paper, crayons, jar lids, markers, scissors, glue, sequins, buttons, glitter, felt material, paper cutter.

Instructions: Using different sized jar lids, trace and cut out circles of different sizes depending on how big you want your snowman crafts for kids to be. Remember scissors and paper cutters are sharp, so make sure there is an adult available to help with the cutting. The snowman paper dolls can have only a head and body, or have a head, torso and bottom.

Glue the body parts together. Then, use a marker to draw the eyes and the mouth of the snowman doll. Glue on the buttons or sequins on the body of the paper doll. Cut out the felt material to make a hat and scarf to fit the doll and glue them on.

You can stick these snowman decorations for kids on the wall or mantle, or make a little cardboard stand on the back to hold them up.

In The Kitchen Snowman Crafts For Kids

Decorating Snowman Cookies: Snowman crafts for kids do not have to be limited to paper crafts. They can extend to the kitchen where decorating cookies will allow the children to explore their culinary and decorating skills under the watchful eye of an adult. These sweet treats will make a delicious snack and pretty snowman decorations for kids when placed on the food table next to other dishes on the menu.

What you will need:  Apron, Cookie dough, snowman shaped cookie cutter, royal icing in white, red, black in different piping bags, sprinkles or small sweets (optional)

Instructions: To make these snowman crafts for kids, roll out the cookie dough and using the cookie cutter, cut out snowman shaped cookies and arrange on a cookie sheet. Bake them at the temperature and duration required by the recipe you have selected. When ready, allow them to cool.

Once they have cooled, use the royal icing to decorate the cookies. Each cookie can have its own unique design.  You can outline the cookies with the different icing colours – white for the body, red for the hat and black for the eyes, mouth and buttons. Alternatively, you can cover the whole cookie with the white icing, and use the other colors to fill in the details.

You can also use sprinkles or small sweets to further embellish these snowman craft projects for children. The sweets can be used for the buttons and eyes, while different coloured sprinkles can be used for the hat.

Displaying Completed Snowman Crafts For Kids

Creating snowman crafts for kids is fun, but showing them off to family and friends are a great way to boost any child’s confidence. Try not to take the fun out of making these kids snowman ornaments by aiming for perfection, but instead let the children explore their abilities and creativity.

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