Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

Simple Animal Paper Plate Crafts For Kids 

Paper Plate Pig: Paper plate crafts for kids can be quite varied and creative. With a bit of glue and paint, it is possible to make different kinds of animals using paper plates. Kids crafts with paper plates can be made very simple for the younger children, or more detailed for the older children who can cut out more complicated features.

What you will need: Paper plates, paint, glue, paint brushes, crayons, markers, googly eyes, construction paper, scissors, craft stick.

Instructions: To make a paper plate pig, trace and carefully cut out the pig ears on the construction paper. Glue them onto the top side of the paper plate. Make sure you position them well. Paint or colour the bottom side of the paper plate pink. This is the side that will be used to make the face of the pig for this paper plate craft for kids.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the googly eyes and draw in the snout and any other facial details using the marker or the crayons. Glue the craft stick to the back of the pig face to make it possible to hold it up like a mask.

To make other kinds of animals as kids paper plate crafts, follow the same directions as those for the pig, and add the different details. For example, if you are making a leopard, paint the paper plate yellow with black dots.

Hand Printed Paper Plate Crafts For Kids


Kids Hand Printing: Kids crafts with paper plates don’t have to be complicated and structured. Covering paper plates with hand prints is easy, creative and great fun. The basic materials for these enjoyable paper plate crafts for kids are hands, paint, paper plates and lots of imagination.

What you will need:  Paints, paper plates, paint brushes, apron, marker, scissors, construction paper, newspaper or rags

Instructions: Cover your work area with newspapers and put on your apron. Take a little time to think about what you want your hand printed paper plate artwork for kids to look like. You may want to paint a background on your paper plate before you begin putting in the hand prints.

Once you are ready to do the hand prints, cover your hand with paint and carefully place it on the paper plate. When you lift up your hand, your print will remain on the paper plate. If you want to make prints with different colours, start with the lightest colour and end with the darkest colour.

You can even do prints with both hands, or paint different parts of your hand different colours to end up with a colourful hand print. Once you are done painting, allow the paper plate to dry. To add some effect to your paper plate crafts for kids, you can trace around the hand prints to make them stand out.

Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

Kids crafts with paper plates are easy to set up and do not need too much skill or artistry to come up with something nice. Paper plate crafts for kids can be quite versatile as they can be used to teach about colour, and cutting different shapes for the paper plate animal features can be good practice for little hands.

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