Nature Craft Ideas For Preschoolers


Simple Nature Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Nature Inspired Turkey Craft: These are the best nature craft ideas for preschoolers your children can make during thanksgiving or any other day for that matter. Keep your young ones busy by making these nature crafts for kids as your prepare them that juicy turkey.

What you will need: To make these turkey crafts gather some pine cones, plastic fall leaves, googly eyes, glue gun, and red and orange foam paper.

Instructions: To make these nature crafts for preschoolers start by cutting some gobblers and beaks from foam paper. The next step in making these nature crafts for kids is to glue the googly eyes on the pine cones. Glue the beaks and the gobblers onto the pine cones. Your nature craft ideas for youngsters are almost complete.

The last step in making these cute nature crafts is to glue the leaves to the back of the pine cones. You can use anywhere from 2-6 autumn leaves for every turkey you make. Or if one nature craft is enough, just stick to making one turkey then! 🙂


Another Easy Nature Inspired Craft For Kids 

Nature Inspired Chestnut Crafts: When it comes to making chestnut crafts for kids you would know that options are almost endless. However if you are looking for a very simple and cute one nature inspired craft, the stuffed sheep is a great option. T

What you will need: To make these nature crafts for children you will obviously need some chestnuts, acorns, toothpicks or bent twigs and optional glue.

Instructions: The first step in making these nature crafts for children is to attach the heads and the bodies together. The heads are the acorns while the bodies are the chestnut. You can attach these parts of your nature crafts for youngsters using a toothpick or some glue. The next step in making these cute chestnut sheep is to attach the legs. You can either use toothpicks or bent twigs to do this. Drill five holes to attach the legs and tail and a further two for the eyes. The neck will require one or two small toothpick parts. Well, that was all, all done! Very cute isn’t it?

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