Jungle Themed Origami Crafts For Kids

jungle-themed-origami-crafts-for-kidsJungle themed Origami Parrot: If you are not familiar with Japanese art, Origami is simply the craft of folding paper, perfect for jungle themed crafts for kids and other types of artwork. An origami parrot is one of these cute jungle crafts you can make with your children. Please note the below origami parrot instructions may not be the most simple, so you may need to be more actively involved than you usually would.

What you will need: To make these jungle inspired crafts for kids you will need a piece of paper of any kind. It is, however, much easier if the back and front sides of the paper are a bit different be it in color or texture and it should be square in shape.

Instructions: To make these jungle themed crafts for kids take your piece of paper. fold one corner in half to the opposite corner to create a crease then unfold. You then fold one of the corners so that it is in line with the crease. Repeat this on the other side then unfold. The next step in making these jungle themed crafts for children is to fold these corners on different sides facing up then unfold them.

To continue making these jungle inspired crafts for children use the creases of each side to make a middle crease then fold down the excess triangles. Fold these two triangles in half facing outwards. After doing this, valley fold on the main crease to continue the origami parrot creation.

Fold the top points facing down at an angle then back up again and unfold. Fold these creases on the inner half. The next step in making these parrot origami crafts is to fold the top point down, unfold it then make an inside fold. You then fold downwards the side point. Unfold it then make an inside fold. Then fold the side point and unfold it. Fold the side point, unfold it, then fold it in the inside facing down to complete the beak of these jungle themed crafts for youngsters. Fold the tail on an angle, unfold it then make an inside fold. Fold up the side parts to make the wings. Finally fold over the side part of the tail and repeat on the other side to make the tails of your jungle themed origami crafts

 Jungle Themed Origami Frogs Your Kids Will Love!

Origami Frogs: These are other fun jungle themed crafts for kids you can make for your children.

What you will need: To make some cute jungle themed frogs all you will need is one piece of origami paper per frog.

Instructions: To make some origami frogs start with a green piece of origami paper and create a square base. You then insert your finger in one pockets of the square base. Move it around to the front, flatten it, then crease it. This is known as a squash fold. Do the squash fold three more times for the other pockets until your jungle themed origami crafts forms a diamond shape. The next move is to fold and unfold the corners to create crease-marks.

The following step in making your frogs is to fold petals four times on the faces of the diamond to make base of your origami frogs. You then fold the base down at the center line and then fold the lower edges of one layer into the center line. Fold the first edge to the second edge. Do this three more times for the remaining sides. It’s now time to make frogs out of these tadpoles! Pre-crease the leg first then make use of a reverse fold to create the two front legs of your jungle inspired crafts. Use the reverse folds again to stretch out the back legs. Finally, use the reverse folds again two times on the back and front pairs of legs. Inflate the bodies and your jungle themed origami frogs are ready to take their first leap!

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