Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween Crafts For Kids That Get Them Involved 

Toilet roll bats: Simple Halloween decorations for kids make it possible for children to take part in the activities surrounding Halloween especially if they are too young or unable to go trick or treating. These easy Halloween crafts for kids can be completed without too much fuss as most of the required materials can be found around the house.

What you will need: Toilet paper rolls, paint, construction paper, googly eyes, paint brushes, glue, scissors, pencil, string, tape

Instructions: For these simple Halloween decorations, paint the toilet roll black, or the colour of your choice and put aside to dry. On construction paper, trace and cut out the bat wings that will be taped to the toilet roll. You can use your imagination or find a template for these Halloween crafts for kids.

Once the painted roll is dry, stand it up and evenly fold in two sides of the top end of the roll. When folded well, the folded sides should close up the end of the roll. Repeat for the bottom end. You can opt to not fold in the ends and instead cut out pointy ears to be glued on the top side of the roll.

Glue on the googly eyes and the wings (and pointy ears if you didn’t fold the roll ends). Tape some string to the back of the bat and hang from the ceiling or wall. Feel free to make these Halloween decorations for kids in as many colours as possible.

Simple Masks – Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween Masks: Great Halloween crafts for kids include getting them to make their own simple masks. They will get to enjoy cutting, painting and punching holes in their mask. Depending on the features in the mask, you may need to use a craft knife – supervise the older children, and for the younger children, cut out the details for them.

What you will need: Card paper, paints or crayons, scissors, craft knife and mat, craft stick, glue, hole punch, string

Instructions: For this fun Halloween craft activity, on the card paper, draw or print out the outline of the mask you want to make. If it is a Jack O’ Lantern; the pumpkin shape, eyes and zigzag mouth. For a ghost or monster mask draw the relevant shape.

Cut out the eyes and mouth and then fill it with colour. Alternatively, for these Halloween crafts for kids, you can used coloured card paper instead. Cut out the shape of the mask.

You can either punch a hole in either side of the mask and attach the string to be used to hold the mask in place on the child’s face, or tape a crafting stick to the bottom of the mask to allow the child hold the mask up to their face. Your choice will depend on how comfortable your child is with having their face completely covered.

 Do-It-Yourself Halloween Crafts For Kids

It may seem easier to buy Halloween crafts for kids, but it is a lot more fun to make them for yourself, or at least try. Cutting, painting, gluing your own Halloween decorations for kids are activities that are extremely enjoyable for children, and some adults as well. You could even turn the whole crafting exercise into a family activity.

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