Fun Arts And Crafts For Kids

Fun Crafts For Kids Using Paper And Scissors 

Chain Paper Dolls: Younger children will enjoy these fun crafts for kids which involve cutting paper. You will need to keep an eye on the children as they use scissors, or have them use a plastic paper scissor. Cutting out different shapes on coloured papers are fun arts and crafts for kids that can keep them busy for a long time.

What you will need: Coloured paper, paper scissors, pencil, card paper, markers, paints

Instructions: Choose the coloured paper you would like to work with and cut it into 4 1/2 x 12 inch strips of paper. Fold the strip in half and press the crease. Take the folded piece of paper and fold it in half again and press the crease. Repeat again. Open up the strip of paper and fold along the creases to make VVVV or accordion like folds.

Hold down the paper with the cut edge on your right, and with the pencil or marker, draw half a doll (or snowman for Christmas!) or shape on the left (folded side) of the strip of paper. Hold the folds together and cut along the outline you have drawn. To make these fun crafts for kids, ensure you do not cut the folded side. Unfold the paper to display the chain of dolls or shapes.

Using the paints and markers, add a face and colour to each of the dolls to complete this fun arts and crafts kids activity.

Hand Painting  Fun Crafts For Kids

Hand Print Project: Any activities that allow children to get their hands messy will qualify as a fun arts and crafts project for kids. Hand printing is a flexible activity and can take any form. For these children’s fun crafts, the older kids can purpose to turn their hand print into an animal, but younger children are welcome to cover the page with their hand prints.

What you will need: Poster paint, coloured paper, plain paper, paint brush, old newspapers, apron

Instructions: For these fun crafts for kids, the older children can take a little time to think about what they would like to paint with their hands. It could be an animal, a card, or just making prints with their hands. The younger children can jump in right away. Remember to cover the work area with old newspapers.

If you are making an animal, like a giraffe, monkey or elephant, think about the colours you want it to be. Cover your hand with paint and press it on the paper. Once the paint is dry, you can use either the paint brush or makers to add in the details. For example, use yellow paint for a giraffe, then fill in the spots with brown paint, and then use the marker to put in the face.

These fun crafts for kids can be framed and displayed in the house for all to see.

Indulging In Fun Crafts For Kids

Adults are also welcome to take part in these fun crafts for kids. Please remember that it is not about artistic flare, but about enjoying the project and letting the children explore their creativity using colour. For the younger children, these creative crafts for kids will help them develop their motor skills.

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