DIY Summertime Crafts For Kids

Fun DIY Summertime Crafts For Kids 

Make Your Own Bubbles And Bubble Wands: DIY Summertime crafts for kids entertain them, give them the opportunity to be creative, take them outdoors and out of your hair. Most children are fascinated by bubbles, even older children. They will enjoy making and using their own bubble liquid and bubble wands.

What you will need:  Water, empty jars, dish washing soap, glycerine, jewelry wire, beads, wire cutter, bottle lid, round nose pliers

Instructions: To start with, mix the bubble liquid to create these mini kids DIY Summer camp crafts that can also be enjoyed at home. Combine together the dish washing soap, water and glycerine and put it in the empty jars.

Take the jewelry wire and twist it around the bottle lid to make a round loop. This is the first step in creating bubble wand DIY summertime crafts for kids. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire at the desired length, and the round nose pliers to tighten and secure the loop. The bending and tightening of the wire should be done by an adult or older child to avoid injury.

To complete the bubble wands, slide different coloured and shaped beads on the wire to create a beautiful and fun DIY summertime crafts that are also creative. Dip your bubble wand in the bubble liquid and blow through the loop. Your kids DIY summer camp crafts should work perfectly.

Swinging DIY Summertime Crafts For Kids

Making A Tire Swing: The wind in your face, your feet pushing off the ground as you gain momentum… a swing is as much fun for adults as it is for children. Creating a tire swing should be on your list of DIY summertime crafts for kids. Children can be a part of this activity by painting the tire to make it colorful.

What you will need: A big tree (obviously!), an old tire, strong rope, a power drill, paints, paintbrushes,

Instructions: Wash the tire the best you can and drill holes in the bottom of it, such that when it rains no water collects in the hollow. Once it is dry, prop it up, give the children the paints and paintbrushes and let them to decorate the tire as they please.  Allow it to dry, and do the same on the other side.

Throw some of the rope over one of the branches of the tree and tie a knot. Tie the decorated tire in place and secure all the knots. Test it with an adult’s weight before allowing the children to play with it.

This is one DIY summertime craft for kids activity that will retain its flavour all year round, and it can be repainted over and over to give it a new look depending on the season.

DIY Summer Camp Crafts For Kids And The Whole Family

Although called kids DIY Summer camp crafts, the whole family can participate in these fun activities. Summertime DIY crafts for children are best enjoyed when the end product can be used for play. Children love it when their parents are able to join in their fun activities, and these DIY Summertime crafts for kids fit the bill.

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